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Working on:

Assault Wave - a World War II themed tactical action single- and multiplayer game for mobile (iOS and Android)



Also working on two unannounced mobile game projects & various games for our clients.



Aniway was founded in 1999. We are an independent game developer, located in Helsinki, Finland.

Besides developing our own game titles, we are providing work for hire game development services for our clients, e.g. game design, 3D/2D graphics and programming, using technologies like Unity, HTML5, Flash Builder, Java and Adobe Stage3D.

We have extensive experience on:

- Mobile game development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

- Browser MMO, multi and single player games

- PC/MAC downloadable and standalone games


Some references:


Project Jenkki: HTML5 community game

"Game that inspires young people to take better care of their teeth. Amazing prizes, like Hot Air Balloon ride to School!"



Samsungstein little app of horrors

We made Samsungstein little app of horrors with Samsung, Uplause and Cheil Worldwide. Aniway did development of Facebook application and graphic design for zombie effects.



Niko 2 iPad book

Niko 2 iPad book available in iTunes, check out the Lite version for Free! We did the visual and technical design and implementation.



Pulma 3D Puzzle

Pulma 3D Puzzle is a unique 3D puzzle game for the iPad (and later on other platforms), developed with Unity technology.



Advertising games / R-Kioski

Advertising games development for Facebook



Lykkylä & Lyckans / Kuntaliitto

"Lykkylä" Municipal manager browser game development for Kuntaliitto (only in Finnish and Swedish)



Petra's Planet / Dramaforum

Browser MMO for children development




Uplause Social Games For Big Crowds development



Hours of War / Sauma Technologies (2008-2010)

A War Strategy Browser MMO development